“My Aunt Rocks”

And so proudly proclaims Jack’s new T-shirt!

We had an amazing visit with Auntie Rosie, and after a week with her, Jack sat quietly in the middle of the living room after she left for her early morning flight, and just looked around.  He stared over at the couch where she had been sleeping, then looked back at me as if to say, “But Mommy, this is the time of day where I usually sit on the couch and grab Auntie Rosie’s nose and pull her hair while she tries to read me a book.  Where is she?  And why do you look so sad now?”  What he was probably thinking was, “Great, now who is going is going to teach me how to bake more cakes, I was just getting the hang of the lemon zester…”

It’s hard when people leave, but Jack and Rosie bonded so well over the week that this was an especially hard departure, and one of the first I truly think he noticed.  It will be nice, however, to take Jack places and for people to believe that he’s mine…

I present:  “Twins:  A Photography Installation in Unexpected yet Uncanny Resemblances”

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3 thoughts on ““My Aunt Rocks”

  1. Laura, I didn’t think Rosie wanted to be Aunt Rock anymore!! but seriously those are some of the most beautiful pictures, he’s got quite the personality shining through. But the resemblance is shocking…even the gap tooth. Perhaps fate will allow her children to have dark hair. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Jack!

  2. aaaaaaaaaah! well, you managed to distill 3000 pics into 10 and they aren’t TOO crazy. WELL DONE! And yes I agree on the gap grin, though he looks more like you (or Lindsay) as a baby than anyone else even his dad. :) also, yay for the navy blue sweatshirt.

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