Happy Birthday, Auntie Lindsay

I’d say we miss Auntie Lindsay, which we definitely do, but the most predominant emotion of today is JEALOUSY. The Tiny Mariner would give anything to be chilling in the fresh air, sipping wine water on the dock on sunny Lake Talon right now with Auntie Lin. The Tiny Mariner’s mom would also give anything to be 31 again. Not to mention the Tiny Mariner’s dad, who will be leaving the third floor for good in the fall. Eek.

Ironically, said cottage where Auntie Lindsay is right now, is also where she took HER first steps, 30 years ago, just after for first birthday, on the ol’ green carpet in the cottage living room. I remember holding out popcorn to lure her over, and shouting for joy when she walked just like Jack did yesterday–that same tentative hobble, arms outstretched, feet wide apart, face surprised and happy. We all cheered, and reached for the popcorn again.


Lin, you have been an incredible Aunt, from all your visits, to sending Jack awesome clothes and books, to even saving your fancy beach wedding bubbles and bringing them all the way to Windsor because you thought he’d like them. He loves every minute with you, just as much as I do! Have some popcorn for us with your chocolate cake tonight.

Happy Birthday!

In honour of her day, I present a photo montage of Jack wearing clothes received from Auntie Lin:


<br /

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