Late Nights and Early Mornings

So last night when we were coming to bed, we were greeted by this:


Apparently Jack wanted to remind us how much he enjoys a) putting on his shoes and b) going OUTSIDE!!!

During the day, he’s a bit more obvious:


Of course, all this OUTSIDE is tiring. We had the best little sleep-in this morning, and I awoke with a small 15 month-old glued to my right side. Not much better than that.


3 thoughts on “Late Nights and Early Mornings

  1. Oh I love the nap picture!! I wish I could curl ip with my sleeping babe for a nap. We lost a fancy green shoe like that – it’s not an extra one, is it?

  2. Ah, an outdoors man in the making. Well, his keenness on leaves was an indication! And, nicely balanced with down time. Perfection!
    (what is the thing on the pillow? sock, slipper, blue wash cloth – I’m sure it is obvious…)

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